Sunday, August 28, 2011

Thinking Globally, Acting Locally

To some, it may be just an egg. But to us, it is so much more. Our free-range, pastured laying hens' eggs represent not just a source of livelihood, but serve as a symbol of all-natural, humanely raised, local produce. Our world is so corrupt with "big business" running what is served on our dinner tables. This not only hurts our health with horomones, antibiotics, and other "junk" being injected into our food, but it hurts local economies, the environment, and the animals we work alongside of every day.

One of many egg production facilities that cages hens; hens who will never see daylight or pasture.

Our family farm may be small, but we pride ourselves on being able to serve our community with all-natural produce. Taking care of our bodies, our animals, and the environment are important to us. They should be to you, too! Here are a few simple things you can implement into your life, starting today!

    Last week's photo showing the Carlson Hens. Happy. Healthy. Cage Free.
  1. Find local produce! Go to a local farmer's market and pick up your week's supply of seasonal fruits and veggies! If you haven't heard of a farmer's market in your area, check out or your local newspaper! Don't forget to call us @ (269) 423-8131 for poultry and pork cuts!
  2. Research your food! Don't be afraid to ask questions! Look up company information online or give a company representative a call. Once you have, you'll feel so much better about what you are buying for your family.
  3. Reuse and Recylce! For farmers like us, we'll take egg cartons whenever we can get them! Take your egg cartons to a local farmer, use them for arts and crafts with the kids, or take them to the farmer's market and just reuse them instead of taking another one!
Three simple things to check out! We hope you enjoy and share your findings with us and all your friends!

Props to Thanks for the image!

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Busy Season

"Guys, we have to keep on going."

As a farmer, this is a phrase that you are familiar with. But, there is a part of you, perhaps the "normal human being" part of you, that wants to kick something every time you hear the words uttered. 

That is what this season is all about. A constant mix of emotions; some good, some bad, all tiring. Every day is a race against the setting sun. The problem is, the hands on a clock keep on ticking at a continuous pace, but our hands slow with every bale lifted, every bucket carried, and every egg washed.

But we keep moving. And we keep smiling because it is what we love.


Don't forget to visit us at the Bronson Athletic Club Farmer's Market, from 9 am to 1 pm! 

Friday, August 5, 2011

The First of Many

The weather has been treating us a little better this week. The temperature is down and there is a steady breeze in the field. Mowing hay has been much more enjoyable.

The farm is always busy. Norm is running in and out of the driveway, delivering eggs and meats to customers and businesses, and everyone else is busy keeping the farm running: feed and water all the animals, check the fences, check the livetraps set last night, collect eggs, wash and package eggs, mow hay, rake hay, bale hay, store hay, deliver hay, collect eggs, wash and package eggs...

The list of daily chores go on and on.

But the breeze in the field, the butterflies and bumblebees landing on clover and alfalfa blossoms, the swallows swooping in and out of the barnyard, make it all worthwhile. It is a difficult life to live, often misunderstood and mischaracterized by society as "simple" and "just farming."

But our calloused hands and tired minds tell another story.