Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Livin' In Michigan

Our hens are all pastured. So, on beautiful, sunny days (especially during this mild winter), our ladies like to venture out of their "pen" and visit us. You know, to catch up on all the good farm gossip. There's lots to talk about on the farm these days - all our new projects, the new members of the family (besides Ellyaire Sue - Blake and Jenny's daughter), and of course, what would "farm talk" be if you didn't chat about the weather.

We have certainly had some lovely lake-effect snow. The powdery, soft-lookin' kind. But after only a few of these snows, we started to feel some of what this spring may have to offer. Now, we suggest you 'knock on wood' if you are thinking about how nice it would be for no more bitter cold nights, because although we would like to be sippin' on tropical drinks and enjoying warmer days too, let's be realistic:

We. Live. In. Michigan.

Wishing you happy and healthy days! Come visit us soon and take a look at all our new projects! Perhaps you could catch up on all the gossip with the girls, too.