About Us

Naturally Norm's

Carlson Farms
16217 96th Avenue
Lawton, MI 49065

Welcome to Naturally Norm's! Located in Southwest Michigan, Naturally Norm's on Carlson Farms is an all natural cattle, pork, and poultry operation. Carlson Farms is owned and run by family. In fact, we like to think of the entire farm as a family: the angus-hereford cows and calves, the happy hogs, the gossipy ol' laying hens, the various critters adopted into the Carlson household, and even the little tree frog in our backyard! They are all "Carlsons". It's a name we take great pride in and a name we hope you grow to know and trust.

We hope you enjoy the posts on this blog and that they serve as your portal into our barnyard. We also hope all  the sweat, hard work, and pride put into our farm is translated through our blog posts, photos, and updates. Everything we do here, eventually comes to you through Naturally Norm's. So, go on! Take a gander from our back porch. We sure hope you enjoy the view.