Monday, October 10, 2011

October's Palette

Hellur, Octoburr.

September has come and gone, just as summer, but the warm sun has been lingering a bit longer, and we are not complaining. This warm weather sure does make the animals happy. Not too hot. Not too cold. There aren't many nagging flies left to bother them in the fields (not that the chickens would mind, anyway) and the crispness of autumn has seemed to give off a bit of extra "kick" in their spirits. It always is a joy to see the cows playing in the fields and the hogs twirl their tails in excitement. We sometimes joke that the hogs are little "gremlins" when they 'woof' and 'oink' running around the pasture. 

We hope that you are able to get outside and enjoy the October's spectacular palette. It sure is a beautiful painting out there. And the beauty translates into what we mean when we say "natural." This, the crimson, gold, and yellow, the scent of summer's departure in falling leaves, the softness in the clear night sky, and the crisp edge in the morning sun's wake. This is "natural." This is not only what we experience, but it is what our farm experiences. Together, we share in them and contribute to the multidimensional painting that is October.  

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