Monday, November 14, 2011

Heart and Soul

Autumn is a season full of colors, bountiful harvest, and gatherings with friends and family. Nothing celebrates this exciting season more than a kitchen bursting with laughter, joy, and all the aromas of a meal prepared with heart and soul.

Naturally Norm’s at Carlson Farms starts your home-cooked meal with just that…

Heart and Soul.

You may see other advertisements for “all natural” and “organic,” but don’t be fooled by these loosely defined terms. We always like to ask ourselves, “Do you REALLY know what you’re making for dinner?” Be sure to check if what you are preparing has met the following benchmarks:
  • Free-Range and Pastured
  • Fed NON-GMO, Organic Grain
  • Antibiotic and Hormone Free
  • Raised Locally by Farmers Who Care
Naturally Norm’s at Carlson Farms meets these benchmarks and continues to excel beyond the typical market.

“Why?”, you ask.

If you want to prepare something for your loved ones that is healthy, safe, delicious, and honest, then we ask, “Why not?”


Try Our:
  • Whole Broilers (3-5 lb. avg.) - Great for your main dish!
  • Cornish Hens (NOW IN SEASON)- Try something different this year, and personalize each plate with a Cornish Hen!
  • Boneless Smoked Netted Ham - Slow roast in the morning and by dinner, you’ll have a fabulous, juicy centerpiece. Nothing says “Holidays!” like our smoked ham!

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